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     5 months, 10 thousands of miles of sailing, on Nov 8, arrived the destination: New Zealand, friendly land of the long white cloud, sailor's dream land.

     Prepared in Florida for almost a year; bought the boat in Oriental, North Carolina; Spring Festival, on the chilly Atlantic Ocean, sailing on the way to Florida; after an extra month's waiting in Nassau, on June, finally casted away. Stopped by the famous Pig Beach, the romantic George Town, the lonely Rum Cay, unforgettable warm hearted Mattew Town; up wind, with 4 metres high waves, sailed across the Caribbean Sea. Outside the Colon city, in the peaceful charming Shelter Bay Marina, got rested; after passed the Panama Canal, continued heading to Galapagos, had 3 fishmen saved on the way, and then encounted Whales and hundreds of Dolphins. 21 days, sailed through the Pacific Ocean to Marquises, playing cards, watching movies, reading, the longest but most pleasant passage. From the simple but leisure, in the corn of world, with best coral, Marquises, started again; stopped by beautiful atoll Ahe, hot tour destination Tahiti, beautiful moutains and comfortable beachs, home-town likely Cook Islands, Simba family arrived the destination, New Zealand, on November 8. Checked-in in Opua, moved to Auckland after a week's stay. Along the journey, there's querral, there's laugh, there's upset, but more fantastic. This sailing journey drew to a close, but the journeys of life are continuing...

We are now in: Hobsonville Marina, Auckland, New Zealand.
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May 07 2015
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